Webrtc implementation for cross-browser support and os, including, safari, ie, tablets, mobile.

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We currenlty have a hosted implementation of EasyRTC for our web application that is running on a separate VM and is a crucial part of our work-flow. The WebRTC server also performs STUN/TURN. .NET Web Application (VM1) <---> EasyRTC STUN/TURN (VM2) Our web application has a feature to perform a video consultation. The current limitation we have is that the support for this is browser limited, ie, Safari, and IE do not suppor this. Our web application is also used heavily on mobile devices. The current implementation is built into our .NET Web Application and we have an EasyRTC server running WebRTC standard with STUN/TURN. We're looking to find solutions that will remove such limitations and want someone who understands this, understands WebRTC, VoIP and is able to provide alternative solutions. The video connection must also be encrypted. In your cover letter, please suggest solutions on how we can make this possible, some ideas, light weight native application that performs

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Maxens Ming

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Tulsa, United States  

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