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Be sure to answer the questions I added I am only considering bids that answer that question---We are looking to replace our Wordpress based webinar platform and replace it with a cloud based solutions

I'm looking to give the client two options one where they use an embed code from a google hangouts and the 2nd option using our own webinar solution webrtc

I want to add Facebook notifications and browser notifications options I would like to add Facebook chat bot integration to connect

Graphic interface and the UI is extremely important

I'm looking for really cool webinar registration page options

I'm looking for innovation I'm looking for cool options to separate from the competition

I'm looking for under 60 days turn around

What about the option to send the live feed to Facebook with a button and periscope using the API, similar to what zoom does or the blue jeans platform

Platforms I like webinar ninja, webinarjam, webinarjeo

I think that their weakness is that they are not beautiful platforms not enough attention to aesthetics

This platform must integrate with infusion soft, active campaign, get response, mail chimp, a Weber and HTML code for CRM's not listed

Integrated text and calling options using Twilio 


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Radu Delmas

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Austin, United States  

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