Ui/ux developer for e-learning web app (mit/harvard team)

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We're building intelligent, AI-enabled virtual classrooms that can offer online learning experiences that match the quality and interactivity of an offline 1-on-1 tutoring session, at scale. Built on a WebRTC front-end with a node.js / express / web sockets back end.

The work to be done is converting InVision/Sketch prototypes of the web app into a cleanly coded + aesthetically pleasing site theme and pages in HTML, CSS / SASS, jQuery.

You will be working with a team of MIT / Harvard students located in Boston and a product designer based out of India.

Looking for a strong front-end web developer who cares about good design and can implement static styles as well as dynamic interactions (e.g. custom animations / transitions). Illustration experience is a plus, though not required.

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Natalia Puglia

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Columbus, United States  

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