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Looking for someone who is familiar with the live streaming used in this video or how to build it so that it can be integrated into my site…

For live sessions we will have to stick to WebRTC 

I will need to know which Media Server will need for this. 

It will need to be delivered by the 21st of March with only one layout, then we can work on it some more days to produce more layouts. 

**Plus the recording feature.

Every functionality will need to be there including the Instructor being able to draw on the screen. 

Instructor will need to be able set the length of the class, setup the number of calories for the specific workout it will burn like in the example video.
It will need to be integrated on my website by 21st of March.

Also will need you to design a separate page to setup the schedule for the sessions. Here is an example of what that could look like:

I will need an instruction document and video tutorials to go through, so that I can manage it myself.

And the schedule page will also need to have a video in the start of the page and then when the user scrolls down the page they will be able to see the schedule for the sessions.

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Evan Mahony

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San Francisco, United States  

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