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Searching For A Web Developer That Has Experience In WebRTC.

I'm looking for a Web Developer to make a basic web app.

The app would implement WebRTC.

Contact me for more details,


Skills: pubnub SIP Category: Simulcast A technique
Posted by: Ahmed

Mobile Apps Development Of WebRTC Web Application


I have an online marketplace website developed in node.js, diet.js, sql, jqaury, coffee script etc and importantly WebRTC integrated in it. 

I need a skillful developer in these technologies to develop & design mobile apps (iOS & Android) based on the website in native apps. 

Uploading apps to the stores and servers too.

Also, develop the admin panel for the website.

The website has payment functionality too.

There are some small bugs in webRTC call on the website that needs to be fixed too.

Please only apply

Skills: MCU Mesh SFU Category: NAT Network Address Translator
Posted by: Anand

WebRTC Integrated Mobile Site

I need someone who is an experienced web developer that is rock-solid on responsive design and has WebRTC experience for a product I am working on.

Experience with IVR programming could also be helpful, but not a requirement.

I will be the sole owner of all code once the project is done and this project will not be able to be used in a portfolio. An NDA will be req

Skills: Janus Kamailio Category: NAT Network Address Translator
Posted by: Adam

WebRTC Video Chat With HD Audio

Looking for an experienced WebRTC developer who can role their own WebRTC demo with HD audio (Stereo 48000Hz 16 bit sampling and 128kbps cbr [or vbr high % of time]).

Client is looking for CD audio quality sound.

Or developer can implement this web video demo using an existing Video API

Skills: bistri bluejeans easyrtc elasticRTC Category: Transcoding Coversion
Posted by: Natalia
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