10 Projects for you Post a Job

Web Development Video Streaming App WebRTC, AWS

Web development to add features to a video streaming app using WebRTC, TokBox and AWS. Need serious experience in video streaming.

First part will be about architecture and suggestions. Then about IOS version.

Skills: switchrtc TalkBox temasys Category: RTP Bundle Technique
Posted by: Maxens

WebRTC Consultant With STUN And TURN Experience.

We are looking for a WebRTC consultant with the following experience:

- Minimum 3 years experience with WebRTC based technology development.

- Minimum 1 year experience with mobile application development with WebRTC.

- One or more previous successful experience in designing or developing highly available and redundant STUN and TURN solutions, preferably with some Open Source Technology Stack.

- A rapid achiever, with a can do attitude, can dig down to any details to solve problems too the roots, and can figure out solutions that can be working, stable and du

Skills: pubnub SIP websocket Category: ORTC Object Real Time Communication
Posted by: Remi

Streaming Live Video Integration

Looking for someone who is familiar with the live streaming used in this video or how to build it so that it can be integrated into my site…

For live sessions we will have to stick to WebRTC 

I will need to know which Media Server will need for this. 

It will need to be delivered by the 21st of March with only one layout, then we can work on it some more days to produce more layouts. 

**Plus the recording feature.

Every functionality will need to be there inclu

Skills: bistri bluejeans easyrtc elasticRTC Category: Simulcast A technique
Posted by: Evan

Need An Expert In WebRTC To Develop A RTC App

Need a developer who is an expert in WebRTC and Java Script that is session with developing real time communication applications like video, chat and remote desktop support applications

Thank you

Skills: bistri bluejeans easyrtc elasticRTC Category: NAT Network Address Translator
Posted by: Aditya

Nodejs WebRTC SIP Expert


I am looking for an experienced Nodejs developer. Must be experienced with WebRTC and SIP.

The first part of this project will be building a Node app - which doesn't contain anything non-open-source, has a clear scriptable installation instruction - 

Dockerfile is the best - and can work on a headless Linux Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 server) which does the following:

1) has a config file containing credentials to a SIP telephony provider - I am not quite certain how these look like - you tell me - basically you register a login with any existing SIP pr

Skills: bluejeans easyrtc elasticRTC Category: SIP interation
Posted by: Jonathan
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